Procédé de rinçage dans une machine à laver à axe vertical

Verfahren zum Spülen in einer Waschmaschine mit senkrechter Achse

A method of rinsing in a vertical axis washer


A method of rinsing in an automatic washer having an imperforate wash tub (34), a perforate wash basket (36) disposed within the tub and rotatable about a vertical axis and a bottom plate (80) disposed within the lower portion of the wash basket and mounted for wobbling motion. A motor is selectively interconnected with the basket and bottom plate for rotating the basket and the bottom plate together and for wobbling the bottom plate relative to the wash basket while the basket is held stationary such that the clothes items are agitated within the wash basket. A controlled rotation device is provided for driving the bottom plate in a wobbling motion while rotating the bottom plate, at a reduced rate, within the bottom of the wash basket. A liquid level control system (73) is also provided for supplying an optimum quantity of wash liquid into the tub wherein the clothes items within the wash basket are washed in an out-of-water wash process rather than being submerged. A recirculation system operates to pump wash liquid from a sump (72), disposed in the bottom of the tub, through a recirculation line (74) and onto and through the clothes (200) disposed within basket. The method of rinsing includes adding rinse liquid into the wash basket and recirculating the rinse liquid over the clothes items while driving the bottom plate in a nutating movement. Nutating movement describes the movement of the bottom plate wherein the bottom plate is slowly rotated within the wash basket while being driven in a rapid wobbling motion. In this fashion, the clothes are repeatedly moved under a spray pattern of rinse liquid while being jostled and flexed for achieving the desired excellent detergent and soil removal during rinse. In a second embodiment, the step of slowly rotating the wash basket for moving the clothes under a spray pattern of rinse liquid is combined with a step of wobbling the bottom plate for agitating the clothes while spraying rinse liquid onto the clothes items.




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