Composition se silicone élastomérique durcissable à température ambiante

Bei Zimmertemperatur härtende Silikon-Elastomer-Mischung

A room temperature curing silicone elastomer composition


A room temperature curing silicone elastomer composition, with superior workability before curing, and which forms a silicone elastomer of a low modulus and high elongation after curing is described herein. This composition is prepared from (A) a diorganopolysiloxane, having both terminals of the molecular chains blocked by silanol groups, a diorganopolysiloxane having one terminal of the molecular chain blocked by a silanol group and the other terminal blocked by a trialkylsiloxy group, (B) an organosilane, (C) an organopolysiloxane resin, (D) a curing catalyst and (E) a higher fatty acid.




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