Moteur à engrenage intérieur

Gerotor motor


A fluid pressure operated device including a gerotor (17) including an orbiting and rotating star (27). A balancing plate (19) is biased into engagement by means of pressurized fluid in a space (102), with an adjacent end surface (28) of the star (27). Adjacent the balancing plate (19) is a housing member (21) defining a seal chamber (83), in which is disposed a seal assembly (89), including a support member (91) and a seal member (93) disposed radially inward from the support member. The outer periphery (92) of the support member (91) is disposed radially outward of a tangent circle (TC) of the bolts (11), thereby moving the pivot point (PP) of the balancing plate (19) further outward radially. This results in an improved ability of the balancing plate to follow the end surface of the gerotor star, whether the height of the star is more or less than that of the gerotor ring (23). As a result, volumetric efficiency is improved, even while the manufacturing cost of the gerotor gear set (17) may be reduced.




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