Dispositif d'impression

Printing device


A printing device (10) for printing on an image-receiving member, said printing device (10) comprising: - an output unit (14) for outputting a printed image-receiving member to a finishing device (12) for further processing of the printed image-receiving member when the finishing device (12) is arranged at the printing device (10); - an interface (22) for connecting to the finishing device (12), said interface (22) being arranged for receiving an error signal from the finishing device (12) when the finishing device (12) is connected to the interface (22); - a communication unit (26) for outputting an error message to a user of the printing device (10); and - a control unit (24) for controlling a finisher error recovery procedure when an error signal consisting just of the information that an error has occurred is received from the finishing device (12) via the interface (22), said finisher error recovery procedure comprising the steps of: outputting an error message to the user of the printing device by means of the communication unit (26), said error message containing the information that a number of N image-receiving member units shall be removed from the finishing device (12), and printing again the N last printed image-receiving member units.




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