Polycarbonate resin composition with improved transparency and scratch-resistance

Polycarbonatharzzusammensetzung mit verbesserter Transparenz und Kratzbeständigkeit

Composition de résine polycarbonate dotée d'une transparence et d'une résistance aux rayures améliorées


A polycarbonate resin composition can have improved transparency and scratch resistance of the present invention and comprises about 10 to about 99% by weight of polycarbonate resin (A); and about 1 to about 90% by weight of acrylic copolymer with ultra-low molecular weight and high refractive index (B). The resin composition of the present invention can further comprise acrylic resin (C). The acrylic copolymer with ultra-low molecular weight and high refractive index (B) can have a refractive index of about 1.495 to about 1.590 and a weight average molecular weight of about 3,000 to about 40,000 g/mol.




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