Bicycle user interface system and method of operation thereof

Système d'interface utilisateur de bicyclette et son procédé de fonctionnement

Fahrradschnittstellensystem und Betriebsverfahren dafür


A bicycle is disclosed having a control system (190) with a user interface and an active suspension system. The control system (190) includes one or more sensors arranged to measure and transmit a signal indicative of the terrain over which the bicycle is being ridden. The active suspension system includes a valve box (210) that is fluidly coupled to each chamber of the lower cylinder. An orifice in the valve box (210) is changed in size in response to a signal from a sensor associated with the front wheel that changes the response of the suspension system due to changing terrain conditions. The user interface includes a selection device mounted to the handlebars that allows the user to change parameters of the active suspension system during operation of the bicycle.




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